Leg Workouts

How to Get a Leg Up on Your Leg Workouts While at the Office

If you’re looking for some good ideas for leg workouts, you’ve come to the right place.  As you no doubt already know, having good strong muscles in your legs is not only aesthetically pleasing when you’re in those summer shorts but also good for your overall health.

These days, however, one of our biggest problems is that we just don’t have the time to make it to the gym for a proper workout.  We are at work for so much of the day and when we leave we have so little time to run our personal errands that its hard to find the time to make it to the local 24 Hour Fitness.  Not only that, but with the economy in its current state, who wants to risk the extra income when tomorrow we might need it to help tide us over until we find a new job.

So here are some ideas for exercises you can do in an office setting.  You might even be able to recruit some of your coworkers and make your whole office fitter.  (And more efficient, boss, so don’t knock it.)

Try these exercises during your next break:

The Invisible Chair: Stand up in an open area and then bend you knees and pretend to sit down on an invisible chair and then get up again.  Work your way up to 100 slow repetitions of this motion making sure to hold the sitting position for at least a three count.  If your thigh muscles burn, then you know you’re doing it right.

For extra results, do this holding some sort of weight over your head, like a large dictionary.  (Or you might keep some old ten-pound weights to use only at your workplace.)

The Corporate Ladder: If you work in a high rise or even just in a multistory building, then one of the best ways to reproduce the effects of the stair climber machine at the gym is to climb the stairs at work.  The workout is straightforward.  Just go to the stairwell, and knock your self out.

Before beginning this exercise, especially, however, you will want to stretch so that you don’t hurt yourself.

This exercise is ideal for stairwells that are not too slippery.  If you work in an office where formal dress is required, you will want to bring along your workout sneakers since formal shoes can both strain your leg muscles in ways that could lead to injury, and are potentially dangerous because they tend to get less traction than sneakers. (Falling down the stairs doesn’t have very much of a beneficial workout potential, nor are there many leg exercises you can do while in traction.)

Try to find a time when the stairwell will not be highly frequented and for safety go with a fellow worker.

The Big Promotion: This is one of the best leg workouts.  Just stand in an open space with your feet together, then keeping your back as straight as a board step forward with one leg bending at the knee and stretch down until your other knee is almost touching ground.  Return to your original standing position and repeat with your other leg. Repeat this one hundred times.

For greater effect, do this while holding weights in you arms.

The Work Desk: If you are stuck at your desk most of the day and can’t find a place to do your exercises, then this is one of best leg workouts for doing right at your desk. Just sit at your chair and then lift both of your feet together off the ground and hold them extended for a 10 count or until you can’t hold them any more. Repeat this throughout the day.

If yours is the reception desk and too public for such a motion, then try this variation.  Just put your knees together and lift them off the ground a tiny ways within the cavity of your desk. Repeat this as often as you would like.

Although these are not perfect substitutes for a full-fledged workout, they can be a good supplement for other physical activity. Just remember that every little bit counts!