Left Leg Pain

The Three Main Causes of Left Leg Pain

If you have left leg pain, it can be a real drag.  Maybe it keeps you from sleeping or getting around.  Maybe it just started last week or it’s been around for a while now.  Maybe it is a dull throbbing pain or maybe it is a sudden sharp pain.  But could it be a sign of something more serious?  Could it be something life threatening?

There can be lots of causes for left leg pain.  Let’s go over the top three:

Injury, or trauma

The most obvious cause of most pains is, of course, injury.  You are running or playing ball, you make a cut, your foot catches in an awkward way and suddenly a shooting pain tells you you have an injury.  This could just be a pull or a more severe strain or maybe, even, a break.  If the pain doesn’t go away shortly afterwards, then you should consider going to a doctor to discover its cause.

If the pain you received is so bad that you can’t even bear weight on your leg, then you should seek medical help immediately. Sometimes leaving a break unattended can make the situation worst, increasing chances of inflammation and infection.  So don’t’ ignore severe pain from injury.

Sometimes, however, you might injure your leg just going about your regular day. Especially as we get older, we become more vulnerable to injury.  Just as you’ve noticed that you don’t heal as quickly as you used to, or recover from physical strain, so too are your chances of injury increased.


Your sciatica is a nerve that runs down into your leg.  When it has undue weight put on it—as when someone lies on his or her side—this can cause pain or numbness in the leg.  This sort of pressure to the sciatica can begin because of several causes, but one of the main causes is pregnancy.  As the body begins to transform during pregnancy, one of the effects is that when a woman sleeps on her side, the full weight of the growing baby and his new digs is put onto her sciatica.  If you sleep turned to your left, this means that the sciatica might be receiving your full weight, which is then causing your current pain.

But the sciatica can also come under pressure for other reasons as well.  Issues of weight and injury can also cause the sciatica to become pinched.  You also might have some sort of nerve problem. So if you find you are having pains consistent with a problem with your sciatica, a pain that seems to occur when you lay on your side, then you might want to consult a doctor to find out what this could mean.

Poor Circulation

Another possible cause for your left leg pain could be poor circulation.  When not enough blood reaches the extremities of our bodies, we often start to experience numbness and pain. If you find that when you lay in bed at night your pain seems more severe this could be caused by poor circulation.

You see, during the day, while we are standing, gravity helps deliver blood to our feet, but at nighttime, when we lay down, the body no longer has gravity as a natural delivery source.  The circulation system is left to its own devices.  If you have a circulation problem, this is the most common time for such pains to manifest themselves.

Other Possible Causes

There are several other causes as well, however.  Growing pains, hidden cancers or muscle strains, even heart attacks—all of these can cause left leg pain.  If you find yourself suffering from such a problem and they drag out for a prolonged period or are particularly severe on a particular day, your best bet is TO CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR!  Your doctor will help diagnose your problem and come up with an approach to treating your pain, or at least help you to discover the real reason for your problem.