Burning Legs

What can Burning Legs Indicate?

Burning legs aren’t normal and should indicate that there is some serious health concern that needs to be looked at. Many people allow it to just continue because they are embarrassed by it or scared at what the diagnosis may end up being. One of the most common results is that there is some type of nerve disorder in place.

It often comes on very slowly and will become more common as time goes on. The burning sensations will also become more severe. Most people experience it as only tingling at first and then it escalates from there. Usually both legs are affected but there are many cases where it will only occur in one of them.

Burning legs are more common in adults but they have been diagnosed in children as well. The underlying cause may be something that can be taken care of though so a person should find out what is going on. Blood work can determine if there is a Vitamin B deficiency. Supplements of this vitamin can be taken daily to get it back into balance. Then the sensations of burning legs should go away.

Individuals may experience if they are allergic to certain products they use to shower with. It can also be the result of a type of laundry detergent that their clothing was cleaned in. Should you wash your clothes with something new and it happens you can often make that connection right away.

Solvents and other chemicals can cause problems too if they get on you. Even if they don’t get on the legs they can still cause a burning sensation in that particular part of the body. Gout is a condition where crystals form from excessive uric acid in the body. One of the symptoms of it is burning legs.

Individuals with diabetes may suffer from this as well. This is due to the blood sugar levels being elevated during periods of time. When the diabetes is properly treated than that side effect should go away. There are some forms of serious illness where patients also exhibit burning legs. They include AIDS and Multiple Sclerosis.

Getting an accurate diagnosis for burning legs is very important. Since there can be quite a few underlying causes it can time some time for the doctor to get to the core of the problem. You can help with it by being very upfront about what has been going on. Discuss the types of symptoms you have, the severity of them, and how long they have been occurring.

Most of the time a person can get some relief from burning legs though over the counter products that are made for inflammation. In severe cases a doctor may prescribe some form of medication such as codeine. If other health issues are determined then forms of medication to control them will also be prescribed.

If a simple answer for the problem can’t be determined by your own doctor they may refer you to a specialist. Many people find that the burning legs is severe at night time. As a result it makes it extremely hard for them to sleep. Alternative forms of treatment including hypnosis, acupuncture, and various relaxation activities have also given people a great deal of relief.

Even though there is some pain taking place, it is important to try to walk and to get other forms of exercise. This can increase the level of overall circulation. A well balanced diet will also reduce the experiences of burning legs. It may take a combination of these various methods of treatment to find what works well for you.